Partnering for Excellence: Our Collaboration with a Leading Uruguayan Mining Company: Urumining S.A

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At Southern Minerals, we are proud to join forces with a renowned Uruguayan mining company with over a decade of expertise in the industry. Our partnership allows us to gain firsthand knowledge of their values and work ethics, ensuring that we share the same principles and standards. With this valuable insight and experience, we are able to bring you high-quality products that not only meet but exceed your expectations.


Environment - People - Community

Discover how we maintain top-quality minerals while minimizing our impact on the planet.


Small-Scale Mining, Big-Time Environmental Responsibility.

We believe in balancing our business success with a strong commitment to the environment. Despite operating on a small scale in amethyst mining, we understand the impact that our industry can have on the planet and are dedicated to reducing it. We're proud to say that our production process operates exclusively on electricity, primarily from renewable sources in Uruguay. We also prioritize the use of eco-friendly methods and avoid using any toxic chemicals, preserving both the environment and the authenticity of our minerals. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our strict adherence to all environmental standards required by the Government of Uruguay.

Amethyst mine uruguay


We're more than just a mineral supplier, we're committed to ethical labor practices.

Minerals with a Conscience.

Our company is dedicated to providing top-quality minerals through our e-commerce platform. But we are equally committed to ensuring that our business practices are not only effective and efficient, but also ethical. We firmly believe that all workers involved in the production, manufacturing and commercialization of our minerals should be treated with dignity and respect. That is why we have a strong commitment to ethical labor practices and maintain strict standards for fair treatment, safe working conditions, and a living wage for all our employees.

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Empowering Local Communities through Sustainable Mining

Making a Positive Impact in the Community

We understand the impact that our business can have on the local community and are dedicated to using that impact for good. Our operations are located in the region of Artigas, Uruguay one of the most underdeveloped region in the country and we are fully aware of the positive difference that responsible mining can make in the area. That's why, in addition to providing employment, we also provide training and development opportunities for our employees and their families, ensuring that our impact goes beyond just the bottom line. We also strive to develop sustainable initiatives that create long-term employment opportunities. One example of this commitment is our creation of the region's first glamping experience.

 Glamping "Los Catalanes"


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